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  1. I have never understood this mentality of not allowing people to post in the classifieds. I can imagine on the Mitsubishi,Subaru,Nissan websites that they don't want people using it for a quick sell, and they want people to cotribute but let's be honest not much happens on this forum! I would have thought that someone trying to sell a car on here is beneficial to the members as we might pick up a good deal before it goes onto the standard classifieds.
  2. where did people get there panel filters from and what brand did people go? I went to the big 3 autobahn, super cheep, repco and none of them had the K&N filter to suit the clio. the guy at repco said he can order it in for $250!!!! is there another brand I should look at?
  3. yeah having a blast, already siliconed in the map sensor and it feels a little more responsive which is good and I didn't break it! I also used a bit of tire shine on the black grills to rejuvenate them and it came out well the left one in the photo has been done and the right one hasn't for comparison and then took her for a spirited drive
  4. Hi all, Just picked up the clio this morning and enjoying every minute of it! already have an rstuner on order and I'm going to check the Map sensor and drain plugs now. then next week I'm going to orders some H&R springs
  5. I'm picking up the red one this week hopefully! Have budgeted for the belts to be done straight away. And yes he was still trying to pass it as a 2010 which was never going to happen. Once I have a major service done then I'm putting in some H&R springs, fixing the loose map sensor, getting an Rstuner and then going to enjoy it! I'll be up for a 197 meet and greet with a cruise.
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