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Newbie Owner Of 2014 Clio Monaco Gp.


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Hi ! I'm Lea, we recently welcomed our Clio in to our lives. I've had it since December 15 . So happy with it. Having a few issues with the car and Renault service department but my feisty ass will have that sorted soon. I'm 30 and a mum. Have very little car speak knowledge. On bonus for me is that my hubby owns a mechanics so all the stuff I do know about it is from him :) my daughter loves the Clio and wants one when she grows up :) looking forward to getting to know every one. I'm from Brisbane (Ipswich actually) wonder if any one has seen me around? I get excited to see another Clio. They are rare on the roads out here . My number plates are SAG84 in case you get a sighting !

Nice to meet you all !

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Hi Lea and welcome.    I notice elsewhere on these threads that it is a Monaco model....what colour is it?

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Congrats on the car and welcome to the forum Lea. 

There is a Monaco the same as yours in the dealer shop here in Albury and I must say it is a fantastic car.

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