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G'day from Perth!


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G'day from Perth!


Hi guys been looking for a little hot hatch (mainly to drive around instead of my VW transporter in the city) for a few weeks and stumbled onto the renault sport band wagon. Hoping to do a few race events like the McCrae sprint series in it.


I've found a nice 2004 megane sport 225 and also a 2007 R26 F1, with the same kms but am trying to understand if the R26 is worth the extra $7K.


i gather power is similar and with a chip the power should be about the same. But is the improvement and the handling and the LSD in the F1 worth it???

I am yet to drive one to be honest. My heart says R26 but my gf and wallet say RS225 unless i get a magical christmas bonus :rofl:

Its doing my head in.

Please help!!!!




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The overriding consideration is service history and condition.




If you NEED four doors, get the 225. Otherwise the R26 is the one to have. The LSD makes a lot of difference. And the earlier non Cup 225's were apparently a pretty remote drive compared to the later 225's and the R26.

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you might want to try the "Paul Blank" events or the RAC sprint series before you jump into the McCrae sprint series , unless you are a seasoned racer already.


Come along to one of the French & Fantastic club meetings and meet a bunch of like minded individuals.

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Hey JDB,

thanks for the ideas. I navigate in the WA rally clubman cup, and have done a few seasons in the WARC. I think the RAC sprint series was also on the cards. I haven't done any competition driving since 2007. Just gotta ease back into it.


Thanks for the recommendations gang. we will see what happens soon!

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