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  1. Scott, get in touch with these guys if you cannot repair it https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wingfield/wrecking/wrecking-2012-renault-megane-iii-x95-rs-265-cup-stock-no-n0097/1213326061
  2. Welcome to the forum, here is a link for 20 mm spacers http://www.k-tecracing.com/show_product.asp?id=5245&appid=20 sorry cannot help with the other questions
  3. JDB


    Welcome Peter - car looks in good condition. Enjoy !
  4. with reference to Safetymans comments - I have owned my car from new since Jan 2012 Interior door handle breaking - not happened to my doors and they weigh 4 kg heavier than standard doors (Speaker and double skin Dynomat) Door lock solenoids - no problems Oil seep from head bolts - no problems Some broken gearbox bolts prior to 2013 (I think) but can be upgraded for under $100 - no problems Audio not the flashest but can be improved - correct - I spent > $10,000 on mine Genuine battery has an approximate life of 5 years - my batteries have worn out at 3 years & 1 month (just after warranty) and the second one at 3 years & 3 months I have had an air con compressor break at around the 110,000 km mark and a CV Boot leak at 115,000 km mark, both of these problems I fixed myself - compressor is a big job, CV boot easy fix. My car has seen a few KM on track days a few times a year , motorkhans and one trip to the drag strip. I am still on the original clutch at 124,000 km, had the belts done at 80,000 km ( 4.5 years ) and up until that point was serviced by the dealer with extra oil & filter changes by myself every 5,000 km.
  5. JDB

    New Driver To Euro Cars

    ESTHER - girls name ESTER - chemical compound derived from an acid congrats on the car!
  6. Great kit but a PITA to fit ! the car should have had this from factory. you have to be very patient to tap the pin in.
  7. I have found the Superpro ARB a great mod and it doesn't take long to change the setting from "hard" to "soft" . On the hard position tends to oversteer more and on the soft I find the car very neutral at the limit.
  8. I installed it. Its not an easy job to do, undoing the bolts that join it to the turbo was a pain. You will need a hoist to do this. The bolt closest to the ground can only be accessed from under the car and I could only turn it one flat at a time with an open ended spanner - you cannot get a socket in there. Full exhaust system and sport CAT took me about 4 hours to do with a buddy helping.
  9. I have had no anti-pollution faults with my sports CAT, yes it is high flow.
  10. correct - I run a K-tec with sports CAT. Tune was supplied by K-tec as it's a very long drive to Melbourne and there are no Renault tuners over here in the West.
  11. I have a 2012 RS250 If I was modifying it from scratch I would start of with replacing the Audio system first then follow up with these 2 mods. Short shifter https://www.short-shifters.com/pk4018-shift.html Then rear anti-roll bar https://superpro.com.au/find/superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-renault-megane-2008-2016-series-iii-/cid-999500258 other owners based in Melbourne will be able to recommend a suitable tuner, I'm in Perth. There are at least 3 different brands of exhaust systems to choose from and would probably be best to get the tuner you use to recommend & fit the most suitable system.
  12. Rowan, pics of your car please..........................
  13. Hi Rowan, I am the president of the French & Fantastic car club of WA - roughly 50% of our membership are Renault owners half of which are RS variants, the other 50% of our membership consists of all the other French brands - Mainly Citroens and Pugs with a smattering of things like an Amical or Simca. best to email me for details regarding track days johndb@amnet.net.au
  14. JDB

    RS265 or RS250?

    my concern about the 250 is that the advert says it's had 4 owners already but only done 59,000 km ? - a different owner every 15,000 km seem a bit strange.......
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