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  1. looks smart in white and black rims
  2. congrats on the purchase I reckon the best bang for buck on the RS250 is adding a rear anti sway bar, Super Pro Adjustable - they even make them in QLD It improves the turn in on the car, if you like the handling neutral run it on the soft setting, if you prefer more over steer, run it on the hard setting.
  3. looks tidy for a 9 year old car, hope you enjoy it
  4. JDB

    RS 250 trophee

    My 250 has done 50% more distance than that car, and quite possibly way more track days - so I can vouch for their reliability. Buy it !
  5. Welcome to the forum, here is a link for 20 mm spacers http://www.k-tecracing.com/show_product.asp?id=5245&appid=20 sorry cannot help with the other questions
  6. JDB


    Welcome Peter - car looks in good condition. Enjoy !
  7. with reference to Safetymans comments - I have owned my car from new since Jan 2012 Interior door handle breaking - not happened to my doors and they weigh 4 kg heavier than standard doors (Speaker and double skin Dynomat) Door lock solenoids - no problems Oil seep from head bolts - no problems Some broken gearbox bolts prior to 2013 (I think) but can be upgraded for under $100 - no problems Audio not the flashest but can be improved - correct - I spent > $10,000 on mine Genuine battery has an approximate life of 5 years - my batteries have worn out at 3
  8. Rowan, pics of your car please..........................
  9. Hi Rowan, I am the president of the French & Fantastic car club of WA - roughly 50% of our membership are Renault owners half of which are RS variants, the other 50% of our membership consists of all the other French brands - Mainly Citroens and Pugs with a smattering of things like an Amical or Simca. best to email me for details regarding track days johndb@amnet.net.au
  10. JDB

    RS265 or RS250?

    my concern about the 250 is that the advert says it's had 4 owners already but only done 59,000 km ? - a different owner every 15,000 km seem a bit strange.......
  11. JDB

    New Owner

    Nothing wrong with those rims ! - welcome to the forum
  12. I have 7 kg fronts and 2 sets of rears 4 kg currently in the car and I have a 5 kg set of rears which I will fit once I get a lap around Barbagallo, hopefully 26 May if my car is running, currently waiting on a an AC pulley from overseas as none in Australia. I am hoping to be able to test each of the rear sets of springs and see which is best for lap times and also on the road. There are two events in July, so if I am lucky enough to get similar weather conditions and no other problems on the track, by end of July I should have some figures.
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