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  1. I installed it. Its not an easy job to do, undoing the bolts that join it to the turbo was a pain. You will need a hoist to do this. The bolt closest to the ground can only be accessed from under the car and I could only turn it one flat at a time with an open ended spanner - you cannot get a socket in there. Full exhaust system and sport CAT took me about 4 hours to do with a buddy helping.
  2. I have had no anti-pollution faults with my sports CAT, yes it is high flow.
  3. correct - I run a K-tec with sports CAT. Tune was supplied by K-tec as it's a very long drive to Melbourne and there are no Renault tuners over here in the West.
  4. I have a 2012 RS250 If I was modifying it from scratch I would start of with replacing the Audio system first then follow up with these 2 mods. Short shifter https://www.short-shifters.com/pk4018-shift.html Then rear anti-roll bar https://superpro.com.au/find/superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-renault-megane-2008-2016-series-iii-/cid-999500258 other owners based in Melbourne will be able to recommend a suitable tuner, I'm in Perth. There are at least 3 different brands of exhaust systems to choose from and would probably be best to get the tuner you use to recommend & fit the most suitable system.
  5. Rowan, pics of your car please..........................
  6. Hi Rowan, I am the president of the French & Fantastic car club of WA - roughly 50% of our membership are Renault owners half of which are RS variants, the other 50% of our membership consists of all the other French brands - Mainly Citroens and Pugs with a smattering of things like an Amical or Simca. best to email me for details regarding track days johndb@amnet.net.au
  7. JDB

    RS265 or RS250?

    my concern about the 250 is that the advert says it's had 4 owners already but only done 59,000 km ? - a different owner every 15,000 km seem a bit strange.......
  8. JDB

    New Owner

    Nothing wrong with those rims ! - welcome to the forum
  9. I have 7 kg fronts and 2 sets of rears 4 kg currently in the car and I have a 5 kg set of rears which I will fit once I get a lap around Barbagallo, hopefully 26 May if my car is running, currently waiting on a an AC pulley from overseas as none in Australia. I am hoping to be able to test each of the rear sets of springs and see which is best for lap times and also on the road. There are two events in July, so if I am lucky enough to get similar weather conditions and no other problems on the track, by end of July I should have some figures.
  10. I went with the BC Racing coilovers as I am on a fairly tight budget, if I was a wealthy bloke I would probably go with the Nitron R-1's but they are about $4,500 here in Australia. I have a thread on this forum regarding the BC's, probably around AUS$1,400 delivered , not sure what you would be paying for the AST top mounts, could be half the cost of the BC's ? Lowered springs will help with track performance, but you will lose comfort - they are cheap way of setting a faster lap time though.
  11. I did rear bar first - 5 years ago, no loss in comfort I then did H&R lowered springs 3 months after that - it handled better but lost of comfort on anything less than good roads Then - 3 years later I did the front bar - big job dropping the sub frame Then - 6 months after that did the Coilovers, adjustable damping allows for some variation in ride quality If you are going to start making suspension changes - my advice would be get a ride / drive in a car that already has the mods you are looking at first, friendly bunch on this forum, must be someone in your area who has the mods done. If in Perth, welcome to drive my car.
  12. firmer, fine on the freeway - uncomfortable on back roads.
  13. Rear one is 30 minutes to fit with axle stands, front bar requires a hoist and drop the sub frame - 2-3 hours work. I have both front and rear fitted to my car and coil overs and rear camber shims, corners very well.
  14. If it's not already got one - an adjustable rear anti roll bar from Superpro, will make the front turn in better and also get you some more lift off oversteer if you run it on the tighter setting. Can be fitted by any home mechanic in < 30 minutes. https://superpro.com.au/find/superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-renault-megane-series-iii-2008-on-/cid-999500258
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