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OH NO!!!!


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First impressions:

The car is pretty sweet! Although I haven't figured out how to work most of the stuff yet. The lights come on during the night the wipers come on when it rains. The drive and handling is amazing. Maybe my VXR is just unrefined. After driving the RSM for a day I got back in to my VXR and Holy crap did it feel quick. Not used to more linear acceleration of the RSM. The VXR kicks off slow and then all of a sudden it's at stupid.

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I still havent sold my VXR yet so today i took it in for its 70k service. Jeez its bloody quick! So i have a question that maybe relates a bit to my stupidity.

I drove an RS265 Trophy once in Perth but i really didnt give it much as the traffic was crappy but the drive and handling were amazing. Even though i didnt give it much i dont remember the acceleration being do different to my VXR. So i bought mine from Melbourne.

Is it just because of the different acceleration curves that the VXR seems quicker but the actual 0-100 is virtually the same? Or is there something wrong with my Meg that i need to address?

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08 VXR Astra

Engine: 2.0-litres

Power: 177kW

Torque: 320Nm

Top speed: N/A

Safety: Electronic stability control- front air bags – side airbags – curtain airbags – front seatbelt pre-tensioners and load limiters.

0-100km/h: 6.2-seconds

EuroNCAP rating: 5-star

Turning circle: 11.4m

Fuel tank: 52-litres

Fuel consumption : 9.2 litres/100km

Fuel type: 98RON premium unleaded

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