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  1. https://twitter.com/camscorner Renowned racing car driver Cameron McConville is now driving a RS275 from Barry Bourke Renault in Berwick
  2. ICBFC

    From Up Over

    maybe it is because you live on the other side of the world, lol
  3. I don't think we have seen you yet.
  4. ICBFC

    GT220 Premium

    you would be surprised how quick they are
  5. Welcome Thomas. good selling. Cheers Ian Barry Bourke Renault
  6. ICBFC

    OH NO!!!!

    Congrats. Glad to see aust post got it there. Now you need to bring it back for service.....lol
  7. ICBFC

    New 265 RS

    Glad everyone likes RED, we have just had one arrive for stock
  8. also known as "sundial acceleration"
  9. I spent 9 years with a premium German brand and the last two years with Renault. German reliability is a myth. Renault leaves them for dead.
  10. sorry but only the dealer you purchased from can give you that info.
  11. I have 2x AGP RS250 still available as well as a very reasonably priced demo if you (or anyone else) are interested.
  12. Everyone is more than welcome to drop in at any time and if you give me warning I'll have your coffee ready and waiting. Cheers Ian
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