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New Trophy+


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I just picked up a new White Trophy+ from Sydney City this weekend (very patient with me, especially Holly!). I drove an S3, 135i, and a 265 Cup. Didn't want to get out of the 265, so I bought a Trophy+. Not my first Renault though, I also have a 2005 Kangoo!


I've had an MGF VVC, Lotus Elise, 500hp XR6T to name a few, and I dont know if it's just the new toy excitement, but this 265 is keeping a smile on my face! I love this car!


I'm in Wollongong, travel to sydney a bit for work, and would be keen to catch up to find out how I can extract some more hp from this weapon!





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Welcome Zaf!


RSTuner is the best bet for unlocking some extra power/torque but there are plenty of threads covering that topic and other tuning options in the Megane 3 section.


Any photos/details of your past cars - particularly the Elise :wink:


Look forward to seeing your car at a Sydney meet some time soon 8)

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welcome - great choice


which elise you had ?

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Thanks guys, no pics yet, too busy at work so far this week! I had a '98 Elise, did a few track days at Wakefield, and left it mostly stock. The old rover motors didn't like being played with, they had a habit of dropping big end bearings, so I left it alone!

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