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  1. H.A22

    Newbie first rs

    Perfectly normal. My 265 sounds like its got the fan air con spinning when i turn the engine off after a hammering, just a way to cool itself down.. Prefferebly drive around before stopping the engine to cool it down abit.. Air is the best coolant in my opinion, drops oill temp right temp right away
  2. H.A22

    Red Bull Clio

    Easily my fav renault special edition ever! Looks stunning man
  3. H.A22


    Welcome. Congrats seen the gt220 at dealer other week, looked great, really dig the rear end/lights
  4. Enjoy and Congrats i picked my 265 up last sat, took it easy first 100 km to run in brakes etc and been driving it like mad, when conditions allow, ever since! I reved mine past 3k with only 40 on the clock.. These days engines/lubricants r good enough that you do not need to worry too much when running in everything like older cars...
  5. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    Their on the way !! Thanx all
  6. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    I cant view the photo
  7. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    Thanx thinking about lowering it but not sure about how it will affect the balance of the car and all?, given how spectacular it already is !!
  8. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/606/o49n.jpg http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/7761/7mn4.jpg http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/1558/yind.jpg http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/2459/38bp.jpg
  9. Welcome congrats, great pic above!
  10. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    Thanks for the advice, in terms of warming up i let the engine idle for couple minutes then drive it low revs, avoiding the turbo boost as much as possible to let coolant get flowing, and oil warm up engine a little.. 2 days down and 400 km driven, mostly mixed driving conditions with some good ammount of accelerations, downshifts, braking to run everything in.. Did a 2 am run home sat night, temp display was 1 degree celcius.. Lets say she was fierrrry really hear the blowoff from the trubo whistle too
  11. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    Picked up the 265 yesturday, already 300 km on the odo absolutely love the thing and the handling is stunning! The freezing weather at night really makes a difference in power to daytime running i noticed.. How do you guys go about opening the engine with relation to driving style? Take it Easy or drive like you stole it lol? Hard to do the first part
  12. H.A22

    New Trophy+

    Welcome and congrats on the Meg enjoy it, the Megane is amazing im waiting on my 265 beast
  13. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    Thanx ur display pic cracks me up lol
  14. H.A22

    New 265 RS

    Yes the whole sales team at Sydney City Renault are great! Really look after you
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