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Just purchased a RS172. Seems I might have to sell it now :(


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So I purchased the RS172 that was at French Connection so excited to have a zippy little thing to drive in...


However I have stuffed a ligament in my left knee which means no manual driving for me for quite some time. So I am currently torn, I could get it shipped up to canberra and have it sitting around rotting until I can drive it again or pass it on to help pay for fixing of my knee and get another one when I can drive proper again.


Sad day.


Is it worth hanging on to and hoping it isn't going to degrade too badly then get to driving it, or cut losses and start again when I can drive proper once more?

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Since I've had my 172

I've had 2 ACL reconstructions.

I found the clutch to be a real benefit for strengthening my left knee when I did back in 2009.

I had my second op about 3 weeks ago and I'm looking at about a month til I can drive it again :(


What do you have to have done and how long will you not be able to drive it?


Seems drastic to sell it cause you can't drive it.

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Blew out the ACL on top of my floating knee cap that is sitting in the wrong spot. So was told after surgery it would be about 6 months of physio before I could drive manual again. Also will be some time off work. So migh need to sell it to cover the off work costs. Plus as it is still down in melbourne I have to get it up here which will set me back more money.


So humming and hurraring. Very tempted to keep it and just wait till I can drive it. Or sell it off. Start saving some cash then in about 9 months time pick up another 172 and enjoy the better side of driving.


Plus as I am only wanting $2200 for it I hopefully wont take long to sell it, if it heads that way.

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Still as I bought it. Had some thoughs as to what is wrong with it. But cant tell until it is either up here or I get down there with some idea based replacement parts.

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