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HI Renault owners.New 66 year old owner of Clio cup200 20th anniversary.

Also Megane F1 2007 model.Have been doing track days in my left hand drive e30 M3

for a few years and been beaten by young drivers in clios. So I thought better buy a clio.

What a car! Whether driving fast or slow its all fun. The Akrapovic exhaust males it all

the more memorable.Looking forward to getting involved with the Sydney owners. thanks Paul

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Thanks for the welcome.Today is my very first entry on any forum. Its all new.

Tomorrow I will come on the drive day. I can share some of my views of 49 years

of driving of 246 Dinos v porsche 911 and the fact that its just as much fun in a clio

as the 500 hp mega monster bmw and mercs . My clio reminds me of a good mountain

push bike. Seat of the pants feel. Thanks Paul

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Welcome Paul!


Glad you made it on here. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow & checking out the Clio 8)

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Hi Paul. Great bunch of cars you have there, quite the dream garage.


E30's are my guilty pleasure, absolutely love them.

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