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Soon to be 265 owner in south east Sydney


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Hi everyone,


I am a soon to be proud owner of a new capsicum red rs265 cup, which I will be picking up from the dealer in the next couple of weeks..so bloody excited!


After much lurking on the net and deliberation, the options I went for were the factory fitted electric leather seats (from the trophy plus) and the front parking sensors. It took me soooo long to decide on whether to go with the recaros, but decided on the leather "comfy" seats in the end..would be keen to hear how trophy plus owners are finding them.


My current car, which my wife will be inheriting, is a 2004 Mazda 3 hatch, with the only mod being a set of 17 inch alloys. So clearly a big upgrade in terms of performance (double the torque!). I really do love that car, and being my first, am really glad to keep it in the family.


Looking forward to joining the renaultsport owners fold

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Welcome mate!


As Nemz said, red is stunning - I'm always surprised there aren't more around!

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Thanks Crowe :)


8:08 how are you liking the car so far? What was the official Renault guidance on run-in procedure - hope it's not too restrictive :wink:



Hey mate, Loving the car so far, has a few quirks which erk me but can be overlooked for the sheer driving pleasure it offers in other areas.


A bit of lumbar support would have been nice in the recaros, backlit switches surely should be standard in this day and age and the stereo is pathetic. But none of that matters when you hit the twisties.

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backlit switches surely should be standard in this day and age


Agreed! Which ones are/aren't?


Maybe I should cancel my order :wink:

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