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Checklist for Dealer Handover To You


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Greetings all

I spoke to Dishan re this matter.

As I have said before I have ordered a new Megane 265 Red Capsicum Cup from Gary & Warren Smith, Ringwood.

I don't pick the Cup up Inyol

June 2013 - I ordered it on 7 Feb 2013.

When I related this story here, I was warned that the dealer has a poor record in car service and I was urged to

check everything before I accepted car from the dealer.

I looked at an old thread here where people made suggestions about what to check before accepting the car, added a lot of basic things too, and others.

I am going to take the checklist with me when I pick up the car; of course it is a little slanted towards the 265.

If anyone wants it I am happy to provide it via email; it is a Word doc.

Unfortunately it cannot be hosted at this site.

It is easy to forget to check anything when you pick up the new car, but it is exceedingly annoying to take the car back if there are issues. It is also very difficult to get a dealer to cough up when, say, the next day or some days after collecting it, you find

stone marks on the duco, or the front skirt under the front bumper is scrubbed or damaged, or there are dings and chops on the

mags. All this has occurred, and I have flagged these and a whole lot of others in the checklist; it is a comprehensive list.

I thoroughly commend the checklist. :hyper:

People will forget this after reading it, but hopefully tge newly designed site here may find it easier to dig up

So, again, if you want it, let ne know your email address and I will provide it.

Tezza ( blog name at the Age: Tezza's profound wisdom)

cheers brothers and sisters!! :P

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maybe i'm too relaxed ?


i popped into the dealer with walkie - who took a few pics - i stuck the temporary plates on ....shook the sales guys hand , said thanks ..... and drove off

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maybe i'm too relaxed ?


i popped into the dealer with walkie - who took a few pics - i stuck the temporary plates on ....shook the sales guys hand , said thanks ..... and drove off


I'm the same. I walked around the car slowly for about a minute before walking over to a desk to finish paperwork. 10 minutes later I sat in the car and drove off. I first opened the boot three days after delivery to boot a boot liner.

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cool story fellas but for those who find buying a new car quite an experience being pedantic about everything isn't such a farfetched idea


Nor is being relaxed and carefree. Buying a new car isn't about being pedantic. It's about wanting to buy a new car because you don't want to deal with the bullsh*t that comes with pre-owned cars. I've seen people turn up an check the oil, inspect the wipers, run a UV light over the car measure tyre tread depth and pressure...the list goes on. The must've been so caught up in checking everything that they completely forgot the we're supposed to be excited.

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You misinterpret. For those that want to be pedantic, it isn't such an unreasonable idea... it certainly isn't the only way


Comparing the way I was when I went to go pick up my 808 to the list tezza drew up... I pretty much said thanks and cya later. :lol:


I did give time to make sure everything electrical was working right and there was no dings or obvious rock jobs. All of 5mins and I was outta there.


Regardless, it's a nice gesture for tez to offer up the list to anyone feeling they could benefit from it


... Wisemens cruise soon anyone? :hyper:

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chiapoco, depending on time and date I may be up for it. Certainly not this weekend, weather isn't going to be spectacular.


I've been doing a lot of runs with JDM fellas lately. I'll post something up in the drive thread when details are confirmed. Won't be till at least mid way through June at this stage.

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When I pick up a new cars it's " are they the keys ? Thanks , I'm going for a drive , see ya "!


Walkie sorts out the finer points of dash controls for me later on ????

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