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Hi all


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Hi all, hope that everyone is well.

I'm Ryan, obviously a Newbie.


I drive a white RS 265 Trophy, I'm sure I don't need to point out that it's

an amazing vehicle! The only downside to it, is the torque steer. :/


I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can get RS265 specific accessories, genuine, or after-market..


I can't find a decent sunshade and other various novelty things, I've tried ebay, even UK and French versions of the site,

as well as other forums too, and I'm not having much luck, if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.


Thank all!



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Welcome Ryan,


Keep hunting on OS (UK or France) eBay - it's probably your best bet.

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The only downside to it, is the torque steer. :/


So all those reviewers were lying? :shock:

I think I'm the only one on the forum to have complained about any type of torque steer on the 250 (265), and even I can't believe you've got an issue with it Ry_YNWA! (Not doubting you, just surprised!)

A very unusual observation, so I'd have to guess that your tyres aren't inflated the same each side, you need a wheel alignment, or you're going hard and experiencing the LSD goodness.

Mine was mostly new tyres needing wheel alignment with maybe a touch of torque steer remaining if I try to make it happen.

Let us know how you bring it on, or if it goes away!


Oh, and welcome by the way :D

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Interesting you bring up torque steer. Most of my drives were on deserted mountain roads = no torque steer.


However, from the lights the other day with 50%-75% throttle = slight torque steer.


Summary: Don't accelerate at half throttle.... classic french car

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Not sure about your torque steer problem, its probably something specific to your car like inflation pressures left to right as said before.


Torque steer in these cars is virtually non existent. Even if it tugs a tiny bit in certain situations, its hardly a downside.

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Ryan sorry to distract from your welcome with my (mostly) tongue in cheek comment :roll: I must admit even in my (still current!) ride, an XR5, in 99% of driving i.e. day to day I don't even notice torque steer in that! And it's supposedly quite bad.. maybe on the track. Obviously the endemic wheelspin and driveline clunk in the XR5 is masking it for me :) Enjoy the drive

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