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New Member {SYD} Clio RS200


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Hey mate. Welcome.


Some guys have a full size spare they keep in the garage and sometimes put in the boot of their car for drive days etc.


There's a whole thread on the jack in the Clio 3 tech section I created on that very subject.





Tnes Morf Tlatapat

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Yep. I carry a spare wheel and a jack on long trips but thankfully have never needed them yet in the Clio.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy!

P.S. I bought a second hand jack at the wreckers for $20.00 It came out of a POLO but works the same as the OEM.

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Welcome Mark!


Am I right in saying that the Roadside Assist is valid while the car is under warranty? As in, transfers onto the second owner...


Yes, I registered as a new owner with the handbook slip when I purchased my car and used roadside assist when my battery died at 2.5 yrs. No problem.

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