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  1. mark200

    Clio 197 convert

    Interested to see your set up with these. I’ve also picked these up recently.
  2. GPS ? .. Not a standard fit I imagine ?
  3. mark200

    Rb Rs 200 Owner!

    Nice colour! ... Needs Black Speedlines
  4. Is it black ? If so,that was my brothers ...
  5. Speakers was the first change I made.... Both rear and front have now been changed to a pair of JBL. ( needed some trimming of mounting clips)
  6. mark200


    Feel the same about the black on white ... Nice colour combo here though
  7. I hear a sound sometimes when changing gears.. More a mechanical sound than a rattle
  8. mark200

    Back in the family

    NICE .. Love the A&D... Especially the LEATHER Seats..
  9. Welcome! A Clio as a first car ? How can you top that !
  10. Welcome. I'm also around the area . More and more keep joining !
  11. Thanks every one for the tips. Will probably see some of you around very soon
  12. So there should be a slip in the book ?
  13. I'm like a kid on Christmas eve
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