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New from Perth


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I've recently moved over to Western Australia from the UK and ideally I would like to get another Clio.

I've discovered that used cars over here are very expensive especially Renaults.

I've looked on ebay and carsales.com but it's only bringing up very few results and those that it does are a plane journey away over east.

Is there any other places I could look to find a Clio (either a 172 or a 182) in Western Australia?

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Welcome mate!


Used cars are expensive here compared to the UK but 172s are an absolute bargain at the moment!


Your best bet is carsales, eBay and this forum. They occasionally pop up on other trade sites but they're your main ones.


Good luck 8)

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Welcome to the best city on earth !

But not for finding Clio's or Meganes etc etc :(

If there is nothing available locally the cost to ship a car over from the eastern states is about $1900

There was a beautiful Clio available over east about a month ago, may still be around and I was tempted myself but bought a Pug 205 Dimma instead.

Good luck and keep an eye out for the new French car club in WA starting soon " French and Fantastic "

Hope to see you at a drive day soon



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Welcome! Of course the other option is to fly over and drive it home. Remembering that it's about a 5 day trip but you will see more country than you thought possible along the way and guaranteed to pick up a few stone chips.

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Mine will be up for sale but not until July/August next year. Its a 2010 Clio 20th Anniversery, white with black roof......come on one of our RS days out in the sticks and you will see the fun we have....when we dont get lost...not sure when next one is but it must be soon, usually a Sunday

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