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Hello from Melbourne


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I recently joined the forums as always have loved Renault Sports cars but was never in position to buy one until recently.


Now currently I am torn between few cars. FWD, RWD etc etc. :?


The cars to my interest are Toyota 86, Clio 200 or Megane RS.


I know all three are different , but I am looking for a car which will provide me the most thrill.


Not interested in creature comforts or any luxury. I just need something that's a hoot to drive every time.


So, from your perspective which is better - the clio or the megane for utter thrill.


Thank You.



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HAHAHA... Welcome to the forum and I'll be brave enough to say that the RS200 CUP Trophy is my choice for fun.

I've done 18,000 ks since Christmas and just can't get enough.

Right now you should be able to grab a bargain on the late model second hand market as some guys move along to Megane RS265 (which no doubt has loads more grunt) In my book, bang for buck, the RS200 is fun, fun, fun.

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Not a biased opinion but personally, I think the 200 is more fun to drive. I test drove a 265 over the weekend and although I loved it, I just didn't get that same feel that I get when covering hard in my 200, and you can't beat that 8000rpm (close to) scream!


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Welcome mate.


That's quite a conundrum. You'll struggle to get unbiased advice on Clio V Megane. I haven't driven a 250 or 265 but the RS200 definitely fits your "hoot to drive every time" requirement. There's a 50+ page thread on virtues and downfalls of the 86 - hardly unbiased again. :wink:


Best of luck with your decision.

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Thanks for the welcome guys.


Interesting replies.


I have test driven the 86 and RS265.


The 86 feels very light on its foot. Its very nimble and easy to maneuver. The best bit is its RWD which I really love.


The RS265 is as fast as my previous 370z. It's very refined, better built, easy to live with and can have fun at the same time.


Yet to drive a Clio, went to two different dealers in today both had angel and demo edition and no demo for drive.


On one side I can't bear the thought of owning FWD as I really like going sideways :P , the Clio everyone says is the best hatch out there and then the Megane RS which looks stunning inside and out.


So confused right now ....lol

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How often do you go sideways?


The Clio is extremely fun and is the last of a pretty much dead breed of high-revving NA hot hatches.


Test drive it and compare it against the others, then decide.


From your original post, it sounds like an 86 or 200 is what you're after 8)


Good luck.

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Oversteer? I can highly recommend cheap Hankook tyres on the rear... One of our members recently discovered the part tyres play in a well balanced car.


The 86 intrigues me, but a RenaultSport will, I hope, prove to be every bit as much fun, with added "I can get this really big thing home", less attention from the rozzers and more kudos from every other driver of an RS.


How many other car groups do you know that wave to each other? :)

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Sideways is over rated IMHO... no disrespect, but if the thrills are only coming from that style, maybe you're not getting enough out of the corners with a car that will grab them rather than slide.

Personally, i'd rather have a car that will grip that corner like a unpaid escort that hasn't gotten paid yet!

That + Fun = The 200.

Angels and Demon in Matte Grey = Envy for life.



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