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New RS265


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Hey Guys,


I'm new to this forum and new to Renault all together. I started looking for a new car about 6 months ago, after much deliberation I was down to two cars, the RS250 and VW Sirocco. I really liked both cars but something ultimately pushed me towards Renault. I was very excited about the release of the RS265 and was eagerly waiting its release, finally this Saturday I placed an order for a black RS265 Trophy+ with the red decal pack! I can hardly sit still and dont know what im going to do with myself for the next 4 to 6 weeks!! :hyper:


I have been reading a few posts over the last few weeks and keen to do a few mods to my car as soon as I get it. I think first on the list will be a debadge and blacking out the diamonds. The wheels don't come in black with the Trophy+ either so I will be looking for a good place to get them done.


Ill keep you all posted on the delivery of the car and look forward to all your tips and valued opinions! :)

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Welcome and congratulations.


Regarding the wheels, I have had quite a few sets painted with varying results including the 19" wheels on my Trophee , you want to ensure they use a 2pac paint and get them to clear coat and bake them for longevity.


I would press the dealer on getting the black/red wheels or having them done for you.

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Welcome mate,


I was in the same boat two months ago except I was looking at the VW Golf and an RS250!!

test drove both and fell in love straight away!


Can' wait to see pics of your new pride and joy.


Can I ask where you plan to get the black badges from?

I take it they will be covers?


I've been looking at Ebay for a while and can only seem to find the Megane 2 badges and nothing for the Megane 3.

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