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Clio A&D #576


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Hey all,


New to the forum. An ex Audi guy that wanted something more interesting for the daily commute. So bought this Clio A&D from Sydney City Renault. Sales person was, well a combination of 4 people really (5 if you include Chris Harris). First one was Buddy on here but that was a quick chat about the cars then the following week I met Stephen (Teki) for a test drive. Then another bloke called Eric, a nice fella that got his first Renault Clio in 1984?????. Finally a really nice young girl called Murphy from whom I collected the car. All in all a smooth purchase process. Credit to Steven for his knowledge, enthusiasm and soft sell approach.


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Welcome mate. Awesome car! Very jealous :mrgreen:


Glad you found Steve - he's very knowledgeable 8)

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Niall, welcome!!


Glad to see you made it onto the forum, and really pleased to hear that Murphy ended up looking after you well on the delivery.


Look forward to seeing it on the streets. Don't forget to join the OZRS crew whenever something pops up in the social section.


Looks hot!

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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet looking ride. HUGE fan of the matte.

Thanks for sharing the pic (but as crowney said) plural please.

Don't be shy to get in there nice and close.

Superlfy ride indeed.

Cheers and all the best,


ps: Akrapovic exhaust would finish it off nicely.

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