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Neubee from malaysia


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Hey there ozrs..


Im Kenny from Malaysia.. Im a newbie in t he renault thing, no wait i dont even have the car yet... Well my company is getting me the rs250 special edition proly in a week or 2 i should be driving it back, been reading around ozrs and enjoying the technical bit alot. Lots of sleepless night after the test drive so im resorting to this forum to satisfy my needs before the 250 arrives... :wink:

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thanks for the warm welcome guys..


my current company car is a skyline CPV35 which ive been with for like 4 years, down here many desire a Meg RS but will instead choose a Golf or a Roc all because of the DSG.. manuals are very scarce in Malaysia due to the traffic jams that we have round here... and a manual transmission for Rm251,000 (AUD 77,076.51) is completely nuts... but its handling is just unreal.. i was sold at the first corner,never looked back. My other option was an Audi A5, which i liked alot but was lacking driving character...

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Welcome mate and congrats on landing an RS. You're gonna love and adore it and even punish it when no one is looking. I wish you happy and safe motoring and we'll be looking forward to seeing you around on the forums.


Sent from my S3 using my neighbours internet.

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I would hate to think how the french motors handle the awful weather that persists in that part of the world, all year round...pretty awesome company car nevertheless! and yes i wouldnt want to be stuck in a KL traffic jam in a manual haha...remember the last time i was stuck in a traffic jam in KL i needed a pretty urgent toilet stop too...not a good situation. :P


are the renaultsports actually officially available in malaysia? you mention that you have to 'drive it back', not sure if that means driving it back from another country (although i cant imagine that, say, thailand would have renaultsports while malaysia didnt).

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Welcome aboard.

Dig the white and silver... not as many around my parts.

Anyways, i'll say hi to KL for you when i'm there in October.

See you around the forum,



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