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Soon to be Newbie


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Hey Folks,


I am hoping to soon become a newbie Clio 172 owner in the near future, just thought I would say Hi to you all. Long time admirer of French Cars and i'm pretty excited about joining the fellow French car enthusiasts.


Any advice on picking a good 172 is more than welcome, or if anyone knows of some good ones going in NSW.


Cheers everyone,



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Youve joined a great forum, im still lookin for my first Clio Sport, as well.

Missed out on two 197s that were a bargain and then drove an RS200 wow...


Everyone on here is great mate, and are very helpful. So youve joined a great forum!


Good luck with the search

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Welcome Marty.


There're plenty of thread about buying guides and what to look for in the Clio II section.


Keep a daily eye on Carsales and the classifieds on here :wink:


Good luck

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Hey Marty, Good luck and Welcome.

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Hi Marty,

There is quite a bit of advice on this forum, feel free to check them out.

But things to really look out for is a good service history, belts preferably done... and moreso by age not by kms.

Keep us posted, and drop me a line if you need more specifics.



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