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  1. Hey all, Just thought I'd say hello. I'm not totally new to the forum, but haven't been active in almost 8 years. A few years back I parted ways with my black 172. When I recently went looking for a cheap run about, I found myself trawling through all the possible options for a sub 5k manual that I'd want to drive, and alas I wound up back ogling 172s and 182s as I had a decade earlier. So it looks like I'm back in the market for a clio when a decent example pops up in QLD (unless a bargain ignis sport appears first ...). Cheers, Martin
  2. Cheers all, thanks for the welcome, good to be on board!
  3. Hey Folks, I am hoping to soon become a newbie Clio 172 owner in the near future, just thought I would say Hi to you all. Long time admirer of French Cars and i'm pretty excited about joining the fellow French car enthusiasts. Any advice on picking a good 172 is more than welcome, or if anyone knows of some good ones going in NSW. Cheers everyone, Martin
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