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Yet another RS 250 Newbie! Brisbane *Pics*


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Hey Guys!


Just recently bought a used, fully optioned Black RS 250 Trophee with 7000km's on it (from a non-ozenaultsport owner who, sadly for him, had to let go of it due to getting engaged). Black wasn't my first choice, but couldn't pass up the deal and was really confident the previous owner had taken great care of the car as he was an enthusiast. Saying that, have grown to love the black and grey combo and even the 'bling bling' rims! My brother and I flew down from Brisbane to pick it up from Sydney and had one of the best, most comfortable drives back home ever! (who said Recaros aren't made for long journeys?) Didn't even mind the stereo, though that might be due to the 'honey moon' phase..


Arrived home in time to take it for a quick run around Mt Nebo (an awesome driving road 15 mins away from Brisbane- Road condition is near perfect; really, really twisty and best of all, an 80km/hr speed limit so you don't have to break the law to have fun!). I was hesitant at first as the Megane was a bit of a stretch for me $$ wise, but I haven't stopped smiling since that day and absolutely have no regrets! I can confidently say, there is nothing I'd prefer south of the 90k mark! (except maybe a A&D RS 200 with a carbon fibre front wing and rear diffuser! :drool:) I came from a '07 Polo GTI, which was my first car. Remember tossing up between that and a 197 at the time and stupidly/ignorantly bought the VW :facepalm: Nevertheless, found my way here in the end :)


Basic mods on the horizon are:


-De-badge 'Megane'


-DRL override kit (just shipped off today!)

-Renault Sport gear knob (1 week away)


I've been wandering around the forum for the last couple of months and have picked up some really great knowledge. Thanks! Also want to say a special thanks to Apex who unknowingly, potentially saved me a lot of money! Thought I'd have to splurge on an exhaust down the track to get it sounding a bit beefier, but by just removing and folding down the back seats like he said, it sounds so much better and plenty loud enough inside the cabin. Genius haha!


Anyway, look forward to meeting up with some of the Brisbane and Gold/Sunshine Coast guys in the near future. A run up/down Mt Nebo should certainly be on the cards!


Here's the first pic I ever took of it soon after getting the keys (sorry for brilliant IPhone quality!).







EDIT: Pics


Some more dodgey iPhone pics :shock:






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welcome to the OzRS family , josh


funny you mention polo , before we first looked at RS, we test drove a polo gti . luckily for us it had a dash rattle which turned us off and we headed straight to the renault dealer and bought a 182


5 renaultsports in the family these days !

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Thanks guys.


5 renaultsports in the family these days !


That's awesome. Would love to pick up a 182 cup in the future. Would be the ultimate run around car, and from what I've read on these forums, I'd probably have just as much fun as I do in the Megane!

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Welcome Josh,

Oh yes, we know Nebo rather well up here. So can only agree whole heartedly with your statements. :wink:

Check this thread for next runs etc


Your black M is looking mean from that angle, keep the pics coming. Would like to see the rims (if different)

Anyways...keep smiling, drop me a line if you need anything...and see you out there.



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Welcome! Very nice. I prefer the Steev wheels in silver with the black RS250. Funny how you bought if off a guy who got engaged and had to sell it.. mine was the the other way around!


Hmm, I don't remember a black RS250 for sale though? Did you find it on carsales? What colour did you orginally want?

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I agree mate. I really wasn't a fan of the Steev wheels and thought that no matter what colour I ended up with, I'd get them painted black. Was very surprised how much I liked them in the flesh when I first saw my RS 250... Think it's to do with the Black inner spokes of the rim. Matches the car well.


Yeah, from Carsales a couple months ago. Was originally after a Lunar Grey, with the intention to get the rims painted black, as well as black Renault badges front and rear..

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