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Renault Scenic II


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I imagine it would fit quite easily, provided you took out the rear seats :clown:


The engine is in the front and the bays are almost identical why would I remove the rear seats??


You asked if it'd fit, didn't say anything about where in the car. We had a trick question like that during the National's quiz, only with a Kangoo.

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It would fit.


You would want to swap the entire front end, suspension, hubs, brakes etc.


Would make a epic family wagon sleeper.


Not sure about body kits, I would just throw some RS225 Wheels on it and it would look quite nice, maybe lower it slightly.

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I think Scenics could do with a front spoiler for the practical purpose of keeping the front end down at higher speeds. I find mine gets a little floaty at 90km/h and above


As for engine swaps, I reckon a fun project down the track would be to make a mini Espace F1 out of it, with something like a Clio V6 engine and transmission :twisted:

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Hi all,


Has anyone done engine upgrade modifications to the Renault Scenic 2.0. Anyone can put wheels and a bodykit on, but how about turbocharging or modifying these engines for a little extra performance.




Hi Maurice,


Hans at Hi Performance Products in Melbourne suburb of Mitcham is the man to speak to. He supercharged the Scenic for a chap who tows the Formula Vee, that Griffyn mentions.



hans at hi-flow.com

phone - 03 9874 1800

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Hi Maurice,

Welcome aboard and what a flying start to a thread.

Got me thinking now. Hehheh.

Anyways, all the best if you go ahead. Feel free to contact for any bits that i may be able to assist getting for you.

Agree with Apex, Engine, rims, dump it, and the Front spoiler ala Dish.



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