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Hi there


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Welcome! Nice to have more international members joining our ranks. Feel free to post up some pics of your cars, past and present - some members get rather toey for evidence LOL


Cheers, Dish.

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Hi guys thanks for all the welcomes. I am planning on staying with the Megane's now as i have a family but if there ever comes a time when I might need a second car then a clio would defo be 1st on the list.


As for pics


http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i47 ... 2e098f.jpg

is my current car I have had the Wheels powder coated Black and had tints on the back windows only had this a couple of weeks


My old megane 225 is here

http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i47 ... 6c3d-1.jpg


There is a massive following for Renault sports in the UK and I am part of the Yorkshire Group in the north of England


Here is a link to a few more photo's from over the last couple of years hope you enjoy any questions just ask


http://s1095.photobucket.com/albums/i47 ... 1977/Cars/


Not sure if any of you are interested but you can always join the uk site as well


You can see some of the different special additions we have in the Uk like the Megane Trophy 265 and the Clio Silverstone and Raider ( which is the same as the Angels and Demons ) and also some we dont have like the Monaco Megane.


Il try and get a few other guys to get joined up here

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Thats a shame if they have blocked your ip address try searching for renaultsport uk in google and that might let you through the back door.

I was so lucky to get the videos of the clios. I had just been out on the track in a 250 cup (I wasnt driving) and was waiting for my lift back when the Clio parade lap started so I couldnt miss my chance and just ran over with my phone. The Alien Green 200 is getting famous over here as its been on Top Gear and a few other TV programs best plate I have seen on a car as will with it being CL10 CUP


I will try and find some more posts and I think I have talked a few of the other guys into signing up to here as well.

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Welcome rob,


great car youv got :wink:. Which month is that French Car Show on in the Uk again? Im going back to ireland for a month but still to decide which one, i want to plan out things to do, iv always had stuf on for the FCS & RTOC national day so might try schedule it for next year 8)

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