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A what? Are you serious?

Black TE50

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Yes I am. Here is my RS story:


My current 'toy' is a 2001 Ford AUII TE50 that has been modified for track work (transmission, diff, brakes, suspension). The daily drive is a 2000 Ford AUII Fairmont - on gas!


The loan on the Minister for War and Finance's Territory will be paid out within a couple of months and she has decreed that it is my turn for some new wheels :D. The downside, however, is that the TE50 must go to fund capital works at the ranch :( .


If I want to keep going to the track, I need to find a car that is not only as economical as the Fairmont for the daily commute, but also as much fun (out-of-the-box) as the modified TE50 around the track. Does such a car exist? :?


My search focussed on the usual Japanese and European hot hatches and the selection criteria included power (turbo 4-cyl preferable), brakes (Brembo calipers preferable) and grip (LSD or AWD preferable).


Last car standing is a RS R26 :shock: . You guys won't be the least bit surprised, but I think I'll keep this a secret from my erstwhile friends over at Ford Forums! I could maybe stretch to a RS 250 Cup (not a Trophee), but I'm not that keen on taking a car worth $50k out on the track.


I have a couple of questions on the R26:

1. Is the stereo really that bad? What can be done?

2. Are there any after-market rims available (for the R-spec tyres) at a reasonable cost that fit the R26?


There you go - the search is on for a low km R26...

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Welcome! Good choice on the R26 - it really is beast 8)


As to your questions:

1. It's not that great, but check the I.C.E. section for what others have done.

2. Short answer - no. Long answer - go for some second-hand 17" Megane 225 wheels (there're some for sale at the moment in the Classifieds section! viewtopic.php?f=49&t=20020) or if you're going new, talk to Wolf about some R26.R wheels 8)


Good luck and hope you find a nice R26 soon 8)

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welcome. there is no doubt you will cop flack, but you will be grinning al the way :)


1. I cant answer for the stereo, mine had been removed :)

2. Aftermarket rim selection is very slim. You choices are; buy another set of Beebop standard rims or R26R wheels, buy the K-tec Racing 5-spokes or get a set of sexy Compomotive C06's. Have also seen a few chaps in the UK running Oz Racing wheels, but I am not sure if they are correct fitment. Someone correct me if there are more options.


Good luck with the search.

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Welcome to our little forum.


That's quite a change you're proposing, and I'd be very interested in your lap times both pre and post switch to the Euro camp.


Wheel choice, as outlined above, is limited - the Meganes run a +63 offset and the brembos also stick out quite a distance.

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Don't worry about the Ford Forums guys. I've been a member there since before it was even FF.au when I first got my license and trust me, I've been there long enough to laugh my head off at some of the one eyed contradictory stuff that is said about french cars by (a few) uneducated bigots. I also drive an FG F6 310 ute, and have an FG XR6T Ute and believe me, the Renault build quality sh*ts on the both of them then rubs their noses in it. But the Utes are awesome for my line of work.


You'll recognize me on FF, same username as here and can usually found letting my acid tongued opinions of some of the ford "fans" be known in no uncertain terms. I'm a much calmer person here, so welcome! Please stay a while! You won't regret an R26

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Thanks for the welcome, guys.


I discovered K-tec during my research - WOW! Any idea how much it costs to ship 4 wheels from the UK?


My times in the Ford are around 1.32 for Sandown, 2.05 for Phillip Island and 1.47 for Winton (long track) with an engine that is basically standard. I reckon an R26 with R-specs would be about the same for Sandown and the Island and a bit quicker around Winton. What do you think?


Jeffie, I have seen your car on Car Sales. I'll PM you.

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You should get better than those figures for a completely stock R26 - once you re-learn how to drive quickly :wink:



Phillip Island times by forum members: garage_track.php?mode=view_track&TID=6&VID=9

(my 182 was down to 2.02s with a remap and brake upgrade)


Sandown: garage_track.php?mode=view_track&TID=7&VID=29

(again, I was down to 1.34s)


Winton: garage_track.php?mode=view_track&TID=11&VID=25

R26 time by Rob240 1:45.47 8)

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R26 with R-specs would be a lot quicker than that around Winton! I've managed a 1:45 in my Clio on good road tyres and would probably do a 1:43 on R-Specs, so an R26 should be even quicker!

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Hate to say blackTE50, an R26 is going to poo all over the TS50, and then kick its mother in the boobs...


They're a nutcase of a car. I adore them...

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Howdy and welcome aboard.

Have to agree... think you may beyind surprised at the potential of the R26.

Jeffie's does sound like the pick of the litter btw...but see how you go.

As for rims, NEW OEM rims, R26-r rims, OZ racing, Team Dynamics, etc are all available and happy to help out once you're ready.

Sticky tyres too.



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