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  1. Is there a theme option that puts a White background and Black text back on? 1) easier to read 2) looks more professional when browsing at work.
  2. Nice. So this is the Megane that was for sale on My105 and carsales - water, no rego and track only? Good buy.
  3. BG5WRC

    New 275 Cup Owner

    Welcome Joe! I might have to drop past your place, you can have a drive of the Megane 225 with mods - just to wet your appetite.
  4. Nope. I got the Edit button as soon as I paid up yesterday. Cheers.
  5. Agree with that. As I said I never even knew you could chip in. Will jump on that, and its a bit hard to sell something without being able to edit.
  6. Thanks Deb. @Dook, supporting will get me more access? I didn't even realise there was a supporters option
  7. My ad in the cars for sale section - there is no Edit button for the main/first post to edit the price or specs. Is this normal? How can I edit the listing? Cheers.
  8. haven't had a chance to read all responses.. but.. it looks good, I would only like that the layout was responsive/liquid. Looking at the forum on a high resolution display there is a lot of wasted horizontal space that means a user will have to scroll up and down more. All users are slack and would prefer not to
  9. BG5WRC

    Hey from Perth

    Looks good, lucky girlfriend! But must be a good one since she enjoys driving the Megane...
  10. BG5WRC

    Newbie from perth

    Welcome mate, i'll make sure the wife waves or winks at you next time I send her to do the shopping there if you're by your car. But it wasn't me who left the card...
  11. BG5WRC

    Hey from Perth

    You dont need an EBC, the factory boost control with a reflash is up to the job and much simplier. As mentioned have a look for the RSTuner, www.fastchip.nl Cat back exhaust options have been discussed on here, but you can also introduce a nice note by removing the center resonator and backbox (muffler) which works out cheaper. Welcome btw. My background is in Subaru Legacy's ala perth-wrx and rslibertyclub. Still have a 92 RS in the family. Enjoy the Megane.
  12. BG5WRC

    Megane timing belt

    see whereas for me because the km's are reasonable, if I felt it looked mechanically ok I would offer a stupid low figure - if there were no other low options around. But i agree he almost does not deserve a sale for saying the time belt has been done already in the ad. But its probably better his "mate" hasn't done it!...
  13. BG5WRC

    Megane timing belt

    interesting, a belt can be on a car for a hell of a long time and still look pretty new - so even an inspection isn't necessarily going to tell you a lot. You either weigh up how genuine you feel the owner is or ask for a receipt of purchase for the belt - the tensioner should have been replaced too.
  14. Looks like it has arrived from your avatar pic - congrats.
  15. Car looks great. I have heard of Tko previously, haven't used them myself. For stereo stuff in Perth Michael Macey is an install guru for fabrication. I think he works for Westside Sound and Image now a-days, I think in the Cannington store. He may not do the standard install work, but anywhere that he works I would recommend.
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