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Hi all :)


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Hi, I just thought Id introduce myself. My names Andrew and I have a Clio R27.

Mainly I found this site to see if I could get any answers to a misfire that it has had since day one really, its worse when cold.


I hope to get to know you all and enjoy the forum with you :) . :popcorn:

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Welcome! Brad is right - Clios like to be nice and warmed up before they work properly...


What colour have you got and where are you located?

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Hello again :) Thank you all for the kind welcome.


Speaking of wheels I actually ordered a full size wheel as a spare separately and used a little 300kg rated ratchet to tie it down in the boot. The tyre in a can was a bit un-nerving!


Would It be possible to email someone willing enough the photos, to put up for me? I cant seem to be able to work out how to do it :( Do you need something similar to a photobucket account?


Its red and on the south coast, had it just near 3 months now and it was going quite odd at first untill I looked closer and noticed it had not been serviced 8 months before delivery as it was a demo. That was the cause of the issues in my first post :( .


It is warming to see everyone gets along and there is a nice welcoming manner on the forum :):hyper:

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Imageshack or photobucket for pics.

Put them in there, then copy and paste the link. On post reply there are some icons to add if that helsp get you link up.

Usually photo sites have them ready to go in there links.

Hope you didn't pay too much for the rim, drop me an email next time to see what i can do for you.

I'm curious, is south coast SA?



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Thanks wolf and greenleaf :) Thanks again for the offer too wolf I appreciate it, i think the wheel was about $700 off the top of my head with rubber. I mean south coast NSW though, I didnt think too far ahead on that one, all over there must be hundreds of "south coasts". Everywhere is the south coast from Darwin!

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I had a feeling that price may have been pushing it, but i did have it delivered which may have added a bit to the cost. :(


For anyone worried that the r27 may be too harsh, it is firm yes, but it is not crashy at all. Almost as if there is endless travel in the suspension, it rides very well actually.

The seats are worth it alone but make sure you try them first as any larger people may have trouble fitting in the base as it holds very tight. The normal clio sport would be it if the roads in your area are excessively rutted with unavoidable potholes and are more 4wd track than road, but the suspension and seats in the r27 are worth it alone, have not had the chance to really push the brakes on the r27 but they are effortless. :D Its a real joy to drive, and easy too. Theres only two on carsales currently I think.


I am surprised at the quality of the interior though, sure it is not very fancy and techy, but it has everything you really need and is made of good quality materials. Do not have any rattles yet. :D

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