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New Clio 200 owner


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My name is Dave, new owner of a RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup Trophee in black. Hope to pick it up Saturday. Previous ride was a 2002 Mitsubishi Magna. Time came to move on, with intentions of downsizing to the Clio. Test drive was brilliant, and certainly a step up in the handling department over the Magna!

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Welcome and congratulations! You won't be disappointed with your choice :D I'm sure you're getting a bit impatient now waiting for Saturday to come.

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A terrible state waiting for this car :(

:lol: Pay that! :wink:

Welcome to the community!



...anyways hope it goes goes goes well, and improved handling over your magna, 'tis like comparing apples and go karts! :dance:




ps: pics asap please

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I remember fondly being in the back of a bog-stock c.2001 Magna with my mate CBR at the wheel, blazing through the Adelaide hills, 4-up with luggage. We caught up to a quick WRX, nipping at his heels until he decided to let us past - so don't be quick to knock the Magna's abilities hehehe


I'm sure you'll have a blast in the 200 though :wink:

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yup Im sure the Clio certainly can run rings around the Magna, but they are not to be underestimated indeed. In fact in manual form I believe they are the most underrated Australian cars. It was easy to dismiss an LS1 commodore from launch, and boy did they HATE seeing the tail end of a Magna pulling away lol.


A few guys over at aussiemagna.com are now pulling huge figures from turbocharging and supercharging. A black VR-X is running a 3.0 litre motor from the early Magnas but heavily worked running a GT35/40 Turbo for a tasty 370kW at the front wheels. Dont worry, LSD included :wink:


A couple of other members running near-stock Ralliarts on hill-climbs and trackdays and getting near the top of leaderboards on most occassions. Makes me proud to be a Magna driver when we are usually mocked by the typical Falcon/Commodore crowd. Will definately stay a part of the aussiemagna clan even with the Clio as I have made some great friends over there. Looking forward to an RS NSW meet as well if possible...?

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Welcome, I too am a recent convert to the Clios. I just bought a 172 a few weeks back and love driving it.


I hadn't seen a 200 in the flesh till a week or so ago and they are sh*t hot.


Congrats on your purchase as I'm sure the smile on your face everytime you drive it will confirm you made the right decision.

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