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Another R26 in Brisbane


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Hi everyone,


thought I would post up and say hello, as I recently bought a black R26 in Melbourne. Had a lot of fun last weekend driving it back via the coast to Brisbane, some fantastic roads especially between Melbourne and Batemans Bay. This is my first Renault although I have always had a thing for these ever since I saw our neighbors brand new R5 Turbo when I was a 5 year old living in Germany haha.


I spent the last couple of years driving a red TME Evo VI, sold it a while ago and thought nothing would ever even come close to the feeling I got driving my TME, let alone a FWD hatch :oops:


How wrong I was! After being frustrated at the lack of decent Evo's (not a huge fan of VII onwards) on the market we spread our horizon a little bit and looked at other cars, the R26 sprang back into my mind, we wanted something that is a great drive, something that could be run occasionally at the track or hillclimb, whilst still being something that you can live with easily on a daily basis, oh yes and the fact that you don't see these on the road every 300m helped as well. :mrgreen:


Here is a quick snap I took last night in our driveway, can't wait to do a decent photoshoot with it, some really nice lines on these cars:



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Howdy and welcome!

Is this the R26 from Geelong way?


What is it about Renaultsports attracting so many photographers, both professional and amateur?

Just checked out your website... most impressive.



Cheers, Dish.

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Cheers everyone, yes I am sure I will love the car the 2000 odd km's I have now driven in it (this week haha) confirmed that and I can't stop trying to come up with excuses to go for a drive haha.


Dish, the car was not from Geelong, it was actually owned by a former forum member (Thierry I think his first name is) who sold it to the guy I bought it of near St Kilda.


Cheers for the comment on our photography, a lot of work goes into it but it's a lot of fun!

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Ah yes, Thierry's car. Met him once, many moons ago when he had a 182 Cup.


I too was a motorsports photographer, mainly between 1998-2003 (was one half of Slipstream Photographic if you go back that far... yes, back to the days of 35mm film LOL). Still do the occasional car event if I get the opportunity, but it's not my core work anymore. Never did a rally though, mainly circuit work (V8 Supercars, historics etc, Superbikes too).


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with now that you've got some new (and non-Japanese!) subject matter :wink:


Cheers, Dish.

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Hi and welcome aboard Stefan.

Black 3 door R26....perfect.

Hopefully you be down for one the Brisbane based drive days and meet some fellow RS drivers.

I'll be in the market for a new RS somewhere down the track...sooner rather than later.

Anyways, look after her, and enjoy.



a set of R26-R rims would look awesome too on black.

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Thanks again for the welcomes, yes will try and get along to some drive days of course, actually went for a big run yesterday. From Brisbane via Jimboomba, out to Canungra, via Beechmont up to Natural Arch, Chillingham over to Pottsville on the water. Was one of my favourite runs in the Evo and lets just say the R26 did not disappoint in the least bit.


And yes, R26R rims on it would look fantastic :wink:

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