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Hello all


Joined the group a week or so ago but have had my 2006 225 3 Door Megane for four years now.


Probably going to sell it though as I need something bigger with more doors (Grandkids).


Loved the journey, from the time I first drove the car till today. I still smile with that turbo rush each drive, even the commute is a blast.


No real problems with the car over the years just finding a decent service tech took some time.


The only problem I had was an electrical gremlin with the tail lights and faulty earths, but now with old technology (wire, crimps and self tappers) the problem is sorted. Another small problem is Golf, XR5 owners wanting a run at the lights, happy to oblige on occasions, up to the speed limit of course.


Have visited some of the tech forums and looked at a few of your cars and wished I found the site years ago. I felt like I was the only person in Canberra with a Renaultsport for all this time. Have probably seen only another three in the four years in Canberra and only a few more Clios.


Anyway I will keep my eyes open for others owners from now on and try and share the passion a bit more.




Rod Gunn

(Top Gunn)

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Yep, better late than never!

What's on the cards to replace it with? Please don't say that 4-letter word starting with G...


And how did you find us in the end?


Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome. There's a few Canberran's on here. We've managed to get a few drives organised lately, so if you're keen keep an eye out in the 'Social' section. There's not a lot of us, but the drive days are fun and it's good to meet other Renault owners (even if we are infiltrated by a few Golf boys).


Out of interest where do you go for servicing?

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Thank you all for the welcome


Answers to your questions


A couple of Pics will be attached from when I went to the Sutton Rd Skid Pan, (Electronics safe, but not fun)


Replacement vehicle: hopefully Subaru Forester S-Edition (the Renaultsport of SUV's)


Servicing, I have tried, National Capital Motors (average service, did not listen to the customer), Belconnen Dyno Tune (cheap pricing but I felt like it was all routine, drop the oil, spin on a filter and cast an eye over things), Rodger Keft Autos (expensive but knows Renaults, just felt $475 for the 30K service was a bit much) and finally am now at Alpine Motors.


Mine is not a Grey 225 in Manuka but a Black/Gold at Russell most days.


If you see me around flag me over for a chat.





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