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  1. act180

    Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Hey Ben, good to see you here and congrats! Definitely up for a get together [emoji106]
  2. I love French cars and they are as reliable as any other - my 3 have never broken down, but things like door handles/seals do seem to be an afterthought in design. I can live with all that though because nothing else drives like them!
  3. Haha cool story! Hate that when you take someone for a spin and something 'French' happens!!
  4. Agreed we need smaller stickers. The big ones don't really fit anywhere neatly. I need cards and 2 smaller stickers.
  5. Welcome. I was going to ask same question. My 225 cup had engine mounts and injectors all replaced under the dealer's statutory warranty after I bought it. That was Lennock Nissan 2nd hand cars.
  6. So, I've had the 197 for a while now and I love it still! So much in fact, that we've just today traded the polo GTI in for a 225 cup in black. Can't wait to pick her up this week. So that'll be a black 197 and a black 225 in the garage, happy days!!!!!
  7. I can't believe someone did that mate!! That sucks very hard!! I have a black 197 too, I would be very angry!
  8. Welcome! I have same car as you and I'm thinking of doing my rims too. What colour are you going to go with? I'm thinking gloss black but not sure how the black on black would look.
  9. act180

    ACT Newbie

    Welcome mate, definitely join us on our next drive if you can. It's tops fun! There aren't many renaults around in canberra but that makes it heaps cooler when you do spot one!
  10. I had same issue with a Peugeot after 25500 kms. Was told wear and tear after 25k kms. I don't think that issue is unique to ford.
  11. Hey mate, I have a polo gti and a Clio 197. For a 7 min daily drive the polo makes more sense. Much easier to drive it quickly without flogging the car. The Clio is a bit of a dog when the engine is cold, so a few mins of your commute will be a little frustrating. But if the enjoyment of a weekend mountain run outweighs the enjoyment of the commute, the Clio wins easy from a rewarding drive perspective IMO. I probably wouldn't go a 3 door with a kid though so megane or golf gti will be your best bet I reckon. Have fun choosing!
  12. Welcome act180! I hope you continue to enjoy the car for a long time to come Yes , when they were first out in Aus, they were $40k - too much. They are good buying now and I was lucky to find a quasi new one with full warranty.
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