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Bought a Clio Cup, got rid of an R33


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Hi All


Just thought i'd introduce myself.


I bought a blue 05 Renault Clio cup earlier in the week and i love it. I had an r33 Gtst which has seen a hard life from both me and the previous owner. The engine let go 2 weeks ago and as such i have replaced it. While im not as used to a car this small, i love it. It does everything its told to do without consuming the copious amounts of petrol the riceline did.


As with all the cars ive owned i intend to spend some money on improving it a little starting with a toucher clutch and lighter flywheel, as well as a new electric water pump.


Anyone have any suggestions for the clutch?



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No need for a clutch unless yours is worn. Why the electric pump?


The flywheel is only worth doing if you replacing the clutch/fixing the gearbox IMO. Engine out job = $$$


If you want to improve it, start by getting some coilovers to improve handling and ride. The standard shocks are pretty crappy IMO. Good tyres are worth spending money on with a RSC.


There's not much you can do to the engine without spending big bucks.

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welcome to the euro side . good to see you enjoying it


you'll also enjoy saving lots of money as mods really arent that important or needed on RSC or RSM .

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I'm worried it might be on the way out on the Clio as the clutch grab point is high compared to my old skyline so , but i had an exedy clutch in it which i was very happy with along with a lightened flywheel. .I was very happy with the result and was hoping to do the same to the Clio.

The water pump im getting practically for free and a friend of mine has one on a DC5 Type R and it has made improvements. I probably wouldn't bother if i was paying for it.

What coilovers can i get for $1,500 - $2000 mark?

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Welcome Slink! Where abouts are you located?


Re: clutch and flywheel - the take up point is very high. I'd go and drive someone else's 172 to compare and I'll think you'll find it's normal 8)


Coilovers? In that price it'd be Bilstein B14s, H&Rs or KW v3s I'd say. There's a bit of info on here but also check out the UK forum (cliosport.net) when they are Clio crazy :mrgreen:



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Welcome Slink..


Have fun with the little Clio, what model have you got?


Performance parts are defiantly not as easy to come by as for the R33. But they can be modded, or just left OEM. But where's the fun in that.


Good to see some pic's when your ready....

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Hi Slink,

Agree with the above. These things are built well out of the box.

First question is Alex's question "where abouts are you in OZ?"

Friction point high, as you've read.

Aftermarket and higer spec OEM stuff come form overseas pretty much. Uk and France.

I hear the RS tuners are a nice first Mod. Suspension, send me an email and we'll have a chat.

...and most important of all, "Welcome"



ps: pics!

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