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Hi from a pom !


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Hi guys


thought I would join up and say hi all the way from the UK !


I own a 2006 Mégane 225 cup in inferno, with black wheels, R26r spoiler , stage 1 remap (257bhp) and itg panel filter and custom exhaust (sounds like a jet fighter flypast when at full chat :mrgreen: )


I also help run an equivalent site here in the UK - http://www.meganesport.net , additionally I am a paid trader on the site


We get quite a few of you 'oz' owners joining our site so I thought it only polite to have a nosey in here :)


I also run a website here in the UK selling RS parts inc brakes , clutches , wheels and basically anything Renault - I won't put the website name up yet as I don't know if it is against forum rules to advertise freely??


The other reason for joining admittedly is to see how I could possibly supply parts to some of you guys. I have sold parts to many Australian customers , clutches seem to be popular at the moment and have sent them to Melbourne, Subiaco and Caulfield Junction (nr Melbourne ?). The exchange rate works in my favour as it does you and I can for the most part get parts quicker to you than perhaps your local dealer / exporter and 99% of the time I am cheaper. Realistically even if I do not have an item I can order it from Renault UK and have it sent over to oz in approx 1 week sometimes quicker.


Great looking site / forum by the way - hope to hear from you all really soon.......right I need to find the pictures section so I can put some photos up of my car?





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Welcome. I'm sure we can hook you up with our admin team to get you on-board in the commercial section where you can whore yourself freely :D


Gotta love inferno. Pity you don't have the sun to bring out the pearl very often :)

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Hi Mr C.


We have a guy on here called Wolf who specialises in Renault parts brought over from the UK.


Maybe have a chat to him regarding your plans as you will be offering the same service really.


The admins can always discuss the possibilities of adding you as a commercial trader if you wish to approach us formally.


Please post up pics of your car :)

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Hi Richard & welcome!


You would be the man behind http://www.worldsaparts.co.uk, would you not?


I almost bought an R26.R rear spoiler from you six months ago...


If you can sell to us ex-VAT and figure out a way to get bulky RS parts (exhausts, wheels, etc.) shipped to Oz on the cheap, the world will be your oyster :lol:



Hi bac and yes that is my website


for the moment until I am registered for vat in the UK I cannot sell anything without the tax.................but it is coming, when I reach a certain turnover I will take that next step. The site / business grows slowly every week, which is how I want it - I am very soon moving into performance Ford ie RS and ST models so that will obviously make me slightly busier as that side of the site develops.


As far as the shipping side is concerned I have found a local independant courier that seems reasonable and I have used them to send some bits to Melbourne quite recently.......basically watch this space - and thanks for the plug



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I am very soon moving into performance Ford ie RS and ST models so that will obviously make me slightly busier as that side of the site develops.

I came out of a Focus ST170 into the Meggy - 'twas a nice car but I missed that turbo rush 8)



thanks for the plug

You're very welcome. :D Look forward to hearing about developments in your business and hope you may consider branching out into third party performance bits for the RS models - e.g. exhausts.

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It is always good to have more friendly RS nuts on this site. Especially when they come bearing inexpensive replacement parts!




I'd love to take my R26 through Scotland on the roads I drove in an XR2 nearly 20 years ago, but it'd be a heck of a drive to get to Scotland from Canberra!



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