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Hi - New RSC 172 Owner


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Just joined the forum this week, bought my 172 about a month ago. Took me a while to join.. had to use my work email, anyone know why it won't accept gmail, hotmail etc.


Anyway the forum is great, heaps of useful info and I actually discovered that my car was previously owned by 2 other forum members, NCRAW and synergize84. Thank you NCRAW for all the mods :P and synergize84 for the stereo :P.. haha


Haven't taken it for a proper cruise yet hopin to go Nebo sometime soon.. suburban roundabouts just aren't enough.. :)


Hope to have pics up soon.



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Thanks, Sorry I should of put more detail. Im in Brisbane actually. This is the car but without the stripes and its done jus over 55,000k's now.




When I bought it I was told the previous owner that did the mods was an enthusiast.. good to have that confirmed.. :D. I dunno if NCRAW still posts on here tho

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Hi Kamal


You'll be spotted by the locals with your reference to Nebo - a favourite haunt from what I keep reading :wink:


NCRAW does pop up from time to time - he moved to an S3 after the Clio, and has a hankering to re-join the fold sometime.


Are you planning to put the warpaint back on or keep her naked? :D

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Yeah Nebo is what motivated me to get a hot hatch.. too many times as a passenger in civic type r's and sportivo's. But i wanted something different that could keep up or even beat the Japanese car's but at same time be a nice daily drive.. I'll be keepin it naked.. I didn't know it had stripes originally. Also the clio has that stealth element haha the war paint might give it away :P

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Hi K,

Nebo and Glorious yeah?... i assume you've been down to other side.

(i actually hope not, as you're in for a treat).

First off...Welcome SE QLDer and nice ride.

Second... have a read through this thread and come along to the next one.


See you round the bends K,


ps: Next time you're up here Mr Griffyn, we should take you up that way.

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Oh, should have mentioned about the Hotmail/Gmail thing too - if you wish to change your address now, please PM me with the details and I'll add you to the exception list :wink:

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From memory, that particular little 172 is quite the beast. Nice wheels too 8)


Enjoy her on the twisties - it's what she's made for!

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Yeah it is quite the little beast, quite a step up up from my 92 Civic.. hehe. Yeah I haven't taken it for a proper drive yet.. but previous owner said set the suspension to full stiff and take it up Mt. Nebo nothing can compare.. but he had a quite a bit of previous driving experience so I'm a bit nervous.. don't want to push too hard..


P.S rmadrid-182 - haha thanks. shame to say but the guy that got me into clios he had a 182 Cup but is a die hard barca supporter :P

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