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Clio Sport 2002 Owner


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Hello all,


Thought I would join up as I have been working on the Clio a bit as of late.


Got the car early last year as a run about whilst I replaced my engine in my 2002 Type R RX7.


Have really enjoyed the Clio Sport, fantastic car and I am currently looking at modifying it and learning from current owners and forum members.


Just found the dreaded sump plug today - LOL


oh BTW I also found changing the spark plugs wasn't as straight forward as I expected... anyway.. here's a quick pic



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Looks like the twin to mine! :wink:

Welcome and nice ride. Feel free to look around, imput anywhere you see fit, and ask away.

We're a friendly bunch (mostly) and there's always someone to help.

Before i forget, post some pics of the RX7 too...wouldn't mind having a little look there.

Most parts genuine and aftermarket are usually sourced from UK/Europe, so plan ahead and take care of the servicing side of your Clio and you're off to a good start (or continued start).

Cheers and enjoy.


ps: what mods are you looking at?

ps: are you as "badd-ass" as the original McLovin? :shock:

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Welcome McLovin!


That's Huw's old beast - good to see it again! She looks nice & clean 8)


What did you have in mind mods wise?

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the replies, yes that is Huw's old car, I bought it for my GF, but as of late I have been taking a keen interest in the Clio.


I'm thinking about induction, suspension, tyres as a starting point.


Here are some pics of the 7







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oh that RX7 is just the bee's knees!! Gotta be the meanest one I've seen this side of an SP.


Welcome aboard!


(and a big LOL@Aitch's "Satan's Barina" comment!)

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