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RS Clio R27 F1 Owner


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Welcome Max! Very envious of ur R27. Enjoy!!!

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You jest, surely? :news:


You mean I'm actually meant to pay attention to things before I post? Sounds like fun, might try it sometime....


Was more meaning if it's a daily, weekender or track slag. Probably could have been clearer, but where's the fun in that?

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R27...like it a lot!

Keep us posted on your opinion on it from time to time.

Any changes to it set for the future? (not that it needs it)

Cheers, and enjoy.


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Just put in sme NARVA whit lights. Think you have to remove the bumper though.

Wouldn't go Philips as they purposely make them blow very early.

What a sucky thing to do from a big company with a good rep.



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