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I just aquired my '05 Clio182 Cup. It has 50K on the odo & is quite immaculate. I haven't yet taken it for a "nice"drive but the little I have driven it I must say it has lived up to expectations & to motoring journalist's hype.

The colour is blue (with the very subtle stripes) but is the darker/metallic blue rather than the traditional French racing blue.

In my research I was told of a specialist Renault sport servicing guy who operates from Carlton (NSW). That suits me fine becasue I live in "The Shire". Can anybody let me have contact details please?

The F/L wheel has a scuff mark. Does anybody know where can I get touch up paint to match?

Finally, are there drive days organized & are there any coming up soon - either social or driver training/track days?

I'm embarrassed to tell you how many cars I've owned but lets just say most of them have been Alfa's. This is my second French car though, as at one time I had a green Pug 205 GTI.

I won't be doing many K's in the Clio - I commute to work by train & walk to the local supermarket. So my new pride & joy will be mainly a weekend toy or a special occasion drive.


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Welcome Peter!


Glad you found us. I too have an Arctic Blue 182 w stripes. I'm very jealous of you living in the shire, so close to such great roads!


If you want touch up paint, it's probably easiest to talk to Wolf (commercial section).


There are fairly regular drive days / social events, just keep an eye on the Social and Motorsport sections.


Paul V is "the man" at Carlton - he's pretty heavily booked, so get in a few weeks in advance for a service.


Lastly, enjoy the car for what it's meant to be used for (ie driven, not a garage queen :wink: ) and I hope you find the forum useful & informative!



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Hey Peter,


Welcome to the forum, its a great place to learn new things, I only got my pride and joy about 1 and a half months ago, and I've already learnt so much about it!!


Congrats on the buy! hope to meet you on a drive soon :)



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I've had mine 6 months now & can't see me ever owning anything different, it is just so much fun. If youever think of elling it, get up at dawn and go for a 2 hour spin in the mountains and you'll keep it for another 6 months.


It'll take you days to get through the website but take the time, there is so much in here, some good some bad but a wealth of knowledge like the refrigerated glovebox, speed sensitive radio volume, rear cup holders hold a full bottle of wine & how to setup your headlights to automatic sensing etc..


Have fun

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Welcome aboard Peter,

Enjoy the ride. Touch up paint is no drama, not TOO expensive. But if you still want to save on the price, by all means send me an email with your VIN to match the right paint.



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Hi Peter. Glad you found the newbies section :wink:


Try a dealer for Touch Up paint. Should be a simple one for them.

Ta - may take the wheel off, strip tyre & have it done by my Alfa panel guy. There's some gouges on two spokes & a small one on the rim. The car's pretty immaculate otherwise, so I figure it pays to keep it that way.

Look forward to meeting up sometime



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Welcome to OZRS. What's embarrassing about having owned lots of cars?

My family seems to think it shows instability & is hugely expensive!! (They aren't car/driving enthusiasts)!!


Ahh, but we are car enthusiasts here so we understand :wink:

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