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New 197 owner


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Hi All,

My names Shane, I've been a member for a while now but have been prowling about quietly keeping to myself...


Been thinking about getting a clio since the 182's and just traded my 05 MINI cooper S on a M/blue 197. Picked up the car yesterday arvo....Absolutely loving it :D .


I get more looks than in the MINI as I never see any other 197's about up here on the sunshine coast hinterland... Only seen one other blue one at Noosa and a red one in my home town of Imbil 40mins from Noosa.... Only passing through I think... :?:


I got the car brand new for $27000 drive away with 245km on the clock.... Pretty pleased with the price...is that a good buy :?:


Well anyways just thought I'd say a big hello to all and am already thinking how I can put my personal touch to the beast 8)


Cheers to all,


Shane :)

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Welcome! That's an unbelievable price! Congrats!!!


Hope you enjoy the forum and your RS as much as we all do 8)

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Blown away by the great price.

Don't forget to hae a look at the the drive day Queensland Page as we do drives all arround the place and number of the Locals are on there.


Don't forget to put a few photo's on & complete the garage section.

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holy crap, that's a deal and a half! Well done, and welcome!

I'm sure you'll enjoy the new machine 8)


Interested to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the Mini.

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Thanks, again for the welcome,


I'll be sure to put some pics up and finish setting up my page once I work it all out. New to all the pic posting as I'm lazy and haven't tried to do so in the past.


Putting the clay bar over her tomorrow and polishing after 8)



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