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why cant you reply to a post on members rides??

if your posting your car up there your looking for feedback anyway,

ive started a topic on mine and heaps of views but people are unable to leave feedback or opinions.even if i want to update my own topic with a new addittion to the car i can only edit my original topic??


hope that makes sense



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It used to be, then the site upgrade went through. From memory you go through the user control pannel or up the top near board index. Where my avatar is and post count, hit the little car below in someones post and you'll see it!

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Hesitant to do so, or recommend to the other mods/admins that it be done.


Most banter is good, but it's very easy for people to take offence if something is misinterpreted, and we're all very passionate about our pride-n-joy.

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were not that sensitive are we? if you really get upset by what someone has to say on an internet forum you probably should look at some counselling.

the good thing about internet forums is sharing ideas, comments and feedback, be it good or bad u cant take it too seriously.

im happy to open the floodgates on my post? ive got heaps of pics and stuff to share and happy to hear all opinions.

not my website tho, so i guess its up to you guys


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I agree with speeedy in that it's hard to keep a diary in the 'Members Ride' section as you have to update the one post over and over. However, I thought the reason for not allowing other posting in each thread was to save bandwith, not to stop people crying 'cause someone doesn't like their new Ambi-pur in-car air freshener! We're not that PC are we? :shock:


But I like the garage function because it is neat & fairly simple. People can post comments on the blog of each car if they really want to say something. The only negative I see is that it's a little hidden away on the front page & it's difficult to follow in what order things happened.


Overall though, I think the garage function is great 8)

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Personally, I'd like to see all members transfer any/all of their info that may already be in Members' Rides pages to their Garage pages over time, and then we can ditch the Members' Rides section altogether.


Bit of a PITA to do so I realise, but the Garage is a wonderful bit of kit that should be better utilised :D

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Thats a shame :(

Have to agree with speedy, would be good if it was a diary style, where constant updates and feedback following a build, ala Cliosport and their Clio Projects thread.

Bit of a PITA to do so I realise, but the Garage is a wonderful bit of kit that should be better utilised :D

Maybe thats the answer, just needs more people to utilise it more.

Do like looking through CS Projects thread, and seeing cars develop over time. Sure there is some un-PC comments at times with people having some petty, small mined things to say, which could harm the positive nature of this site.

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the members ride section is there for a reason. look on clio sport or any other car website.

im yet to hear a decent reason why you cant post replies or add new posts other than hurting peoples feelings??

a bit of fire and spirited opinions is more entertaining anyway, just check that renaultboi post. that was classic. and it was a massive thread, who hasnt read it?

maybe those above your head griffyn need to have a rethink?? or lets have a vote?

if the majority are up for closed threads, only politically correct and sensitive replies to try keep all happy then i will happily zip it for good.

SO LETS VOTE!! keep it simple,

who wants members rides OPEN (you can make replies and add posts)

and who wants it CLOSED (as it is now. a single post, no replies and no additional posts)

just reply open or closed

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