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Hi guys,


Bout time i introduce myself. Gotta Megs cup 07, victory Yellow. Had her a couple of months, second hand Smells new, looks new, is new.. to me anyways. Love her to bits...


Sh'e going into the dealership thursday as her engine light flashed at me. Nothing to worry bout . Think she is just running a little rich as she spits out a fair bit of carbon onto her boot and I drive her like a baby... Prob just a dirty sensor..

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Welcome to the forum, i'm sure you it to be most helpful and entertaining.

Few questions to start off:

- any plans for any type of mods?

- daily driver, or wanting more?

- location in this fineland of ours? (i'm guessing SA or WA due to time of your post - or a night owl like me)

Anyway, enjoy your ride (as you seem to be already) and hope to join you in the Megane Clan if ever i get a chance to upgrade to a RS 250.



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