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Hiya folks


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G'day guys,


I've been on here for a couple of weeks now, so thought i'd officially introduce myself.

Bought myself ITHELIVINGs 2006 182 cup.

Have owned an Alfa Romeo 147GTA in the past, and now have a 159JTS that the wife drives. I just needed a weekend car so i got the 182.


Here's the range







Have had the car for 2 weeks now. Loving the experience.

Went for a drive on the weekend with a few of the Alfa guys.

Here are some vids and pics.


Feel free to watch the other vids on my utube profile





Will post more as they come by

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Well, it seems appropriate that I'm the first to post on this thread!


The car couldn't have gone to a better bloke. Hope it ends up being as much fun for you as it was for me for the last 2.5yrs.

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Nice work! Though I still didn't catch your name :wink:


Pics look great and your Alfas look mean with the black rims 8) 8) 8)




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Though I still didn't catch your name

Whoops...name is Sam


As Ranil said...yes i am a top bloke :mrgreen:

I had always been looking for a clio cup in the Blood Orange...and by coincidence it just happened to come up in the same suburb as where i live! Went and saw it, was practically brand new...bought it. Cheers to Ranil for looking after it so well.

Looking forward to catching up others on this forum and going for a fang.

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Well the GTA was no where near as good as the Clio in terms of dynamics, but the exterior & interior were special, and the noise the engine made was pretty damn sexy. I had coilovers & semi slicks on mine, which made it a pretty handy tool around corners. I do miss the power. Oh and i do miss 6th gear.

The 159 is a sedan so nothing overly sporty, but it isnt a Camry either. Plus it looks damn sexy. The interior is all leather and looks real good. It does the duties of the daily driven sedan rather well and it keeps the wife happy so i cant complain.

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I was fourth behind the GT, GTA, & GTV. These all have modifications to the suspension, so they handle rather well, plus the torque of the big motors help them to zoom out of the corners. I wasnt pushing the Clio at a 100%, as i'm still learning to drive it, but is could still keep up.

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