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new member Hi!


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Hi all, just joined the ozrs forum as I have been looking for a Megane 225 cup for a while now on the various websites such as carsales and carsguide.

I thought perhaps being a member of a dedicated forum might give me a few hints and tips to look out for when buying.

I'm looking forward to driving one on our Tassie roads... if only someone would fix them first!


Anyway, hi everyone.



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Welcome! There is everything you would need to know about Meggys on here so enjoy 8)

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Welcome! Your timing is well chosen: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13764

Must be one of the bargains of 2009 - probably about as far away from TAS as you could get, but hey, it ain't common like a Golf GTI hahaha


Whereabouts in TAS are you and how'd you find your way here?

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Hey, thanks everyone. I don't think I have ever had such a warm welcome to a forum before!

I live in Hobart, about 15 mins walk from the CBD (if you can call it such) but it is a nice spot of the world.

I'm looking for a meggie either 225 or cup, although the missus might prefer the standard 225 as I believe the cup is quite harshly sprung, then again please tell me what you think?


Anywhere around the mid to low 20k is about my budget and I'd like a sunroof too, if I'm going to be really picky I'd also like it in a dark blue or orange colour, just to stand out a little, not that you won't anyway with that backside.


I have just seen a for sale in WA, so I'll pussue that, although not sure how to get it from there to Tassie.


Thanks heaps for the welcome guys. There's not too many Meggies down here so it would be grand to find one.



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Anywhere around the mid to low 20k is about my budget


One thing I've learned from inspecting cars for sale is that spending a little more, will generally get you alot more, whereas spending a little less, gets you alot less.


Not saying that you need to spend more than you want. etc etc



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I'm in Perth and recently sold my car (not a Meggy) to a bloke from Hobart. The crazy guy drove it home! Easiest option is to put it on the train in Perth, either ride on the train with it if you've come over to inspect - or meet it in Melbourne if you've bought it blind. Then you know how to do the rest. Getting it to Melbourne by truck is about $900 to $1200 depending on company...


oh and welcome.

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