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Black 197


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Hi guys,


I recently picked up a 197 :hyper: Does anyone know the correct engine run-in procedure? I was told not to rev it past 3,000 rpm for the first 500kms, but another person told me to 'drive it like it's stolen'. Is it mandatory to get a 1,000km service done, I'm guessing it's just an oil change?


Here is a photo, sorry it's not the best quality.


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Welcome! Looks like you're from Melb going by the rego?


Can't say for sure either way what's best, but just make sure you don't keep revs at constant levels. Let that tacho swing a bit... the drive-it-like-you-stole-it routine works better with 2 stroke bike engines from what I recall reading a while back. Bear in mind that these engines will be bench tested anyway.


Someone else said to me that cars such as those used at the BMW driver education venue in QLD are caned all day, every day, from day 1 and run more reliably than those that are pampered.


I'd tend to ramp it up a smidge day by day. Don't baby it, but don't spank it too hard either.

Whatever you do, just enjoy it!


Cheers, Dish.

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Hi - welcome - and yep - get the service.

The "own a 197" is on my to do list.... just running a little behind with life and stuff at the moment.

But i'll get there.

In short - ENJOY!... i would / will.



i assume it's standard? ...or did u get extra gear with the purchase?

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