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finally big ted has joined!


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Been meaning to join for a while, but never got around to it. Not much of a forum user myself but heres a start anyway. Mine is an R26 (V. Yellow) ex Renault car, but not too many signs of a hard life. Dashboard has a rattle though! Look out for me on weekends around lower north shore of Sydney. Plate is REN 26R.


A plug for the All French Car Day coming up on 12th July 2009 at Auburn Botanic (Japanese?) Gardens. Details on the Renault Car Club of Aust website http://www.rcca.org.au after wed ot thurs this week. Come and see some of the older Renault heritage as well as a smattering of RS models!


Catch you around

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Hey Ted ... welcome.


Fella's for your info ... Ted has been a Renault man for many years. He had a Clio Mk1 ...now owned by brendan and bought the R26 last year, and many other models over the years.


Ted was the president of the RCCA (Renault Car Club of Australia) for many many years and is now the promotions officer for the club.


Glad to see Ted has crossed over to the dark side :)

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Thanks for the welcome Dom and all. Whats the dark side, something I should know????


Freaky I got the plate, would have thought it would have gone already.


About the blue Clio 172 - how is the little rocket? It was a beauty, but got too small for growing offspring, and I just had to get the R26 when I found it!

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Hi Ted, we met once at an RCCA BBQ at Palm Beach... quite a few years ago. I had a brand new silver 182 cup then. Welcome to the forum.


I hope to see you and the car around the lower north, I also live in the area so if you see your twin anywhere be sure to wave.

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