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Clio sport kangoo conversion


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Only new here, recently become keen on clios after trip to UK, got meself an 03' Sport now, had for years an 01' Berlingo which i use as a plumber, been faultless and a pleasure to drive actually, just needs more go, been thinkin 206Gti conversion, just recently had ideas on doin clio kangoo transplant as engine bay layout looks very similar, any ideas? Appreciated, Dave.

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The way the Kangoo bonnet is hinged at the front might make things interesting as far as things fitting and maintenance is concerned?


eg. You might have issues with the alternator clearing at the front end (under the radiator support panel)?


But it is the same 1.6l the Clio runs that they come with stock so it should possible.

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LOL mad idea.

what engine in your kangoo now? 1.4 or 1.6 or 2.0 or 1.9???


if if 2.0 i dont se any major problems cause the 2.0 is a f4r and clio 2.0 is a fr4 the only major diff from what ive seen is the heads up.


speeking from experence, rebuilding clio and kangoo engines when i worked for renault.

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Aussie Kangoos all have the 1.6l petrol (unless that's changed recently?) My father inlaw owned a '05 one for just over 12mths, he sold it about 18mths ago. There were a lot of similarities between the RSC engine bay layout and the Kangoo.


I was going to try fitting the 182 Cup wheels onto it for a joke and see what it looked like, but never got around to it!


Davejay, their towing capacity is very low- I think it's only 500kg or something similar?

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