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  1. So should’ve kept my mint cordia turbo back in the day, I’m not sure why there’s not a lot of love for the 225’s, love my 08’ cup, 5 years w’out issue, and I’d get my money back if I sold it today.
  2. Should’ve kept the s2000, could’ve sold it now n bought three clios!
  3. I’ve seen a couple of belts shred a few teeth, and a couple more with shagged idler or tensioner pulleys, all equally unhealthy and expensive!
  4. What chuck means is ya have to send a few photos of urself.
  5. Keep us updated, might be able to help with bits or point u in the right direction.
  6. If there’s fluid leaking out underneath it’ll be the slave cylinder.
  7. Guessing it’s the robot auto, where abouts are u?
  8. Thank you for sharing ur story, is hugely refreshing and nice, u clearly have a great attitude, and fine taste in machinery, look forward to updates, nice crowd around here to bounce off.
  9. Hi Dave,

    What sort of money do you want for the driveshaft and freight to 2197?  I am looking for some shafts (already have LH) for reconditioning to then be fitted into my race car for the coming season. 



    1. Davejay


      $100 if u collected with cash, not sure about postage, think I’ve spoken with u b4, 0408424826.

  10. Davejay

    Bang for buck?

    Ph2 Megane 2 cups are getting stolen lately.
  11. Tried them in my Clio 4 and it didn’t seem to recognise them, maybe I’m doing something wrong.
  12. If there the same as a Megane I have a couple.
  13. Pretty rare for those type of leaks, good chance it’s residual from an oil change.
  14. What do you want for it Dave? What would freight be to 3978 vic 

    1. Davejay


      Be $80 posted, my phone 0408424826.

    2. Renlam


      $80 for the head light and posted? 

      Could you send me a pic Dave so we both are cool with the purchase 

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