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Sup all!


First came across a Megane in New Caledonia (french colony in South Pacific) whilst on a P&O cruise in 2003. I actually approached the driver in the middle of a busy intersection to ask what kind of car it was, haha...


Owned my share of cars: AB Cordia Turbo, HJ Premier 5L, TA22 Celica, VH SLE, R32 Skyline, S13 Silvia and just recently...


... purchased a near new 2008 (reg'd, '07 plated) Renault Megane Sport 225 3DR, check it:



I'll be relying on each of you experienced owners for advice, information, etc... Thanks in advance!



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Welcome aboard ace! (omg I can't believe how clichéd that sounds...)


That's an interesting list of previous wheels. Hope you enjoy your first foray into Renaults!

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Cheers all - stoked to find local knowledge available online, only ever came across Europe sites until now...


Welcome ace - I think I saw you on the Monash a couple of months back. Can't be too may 3dr 225s in silver around!


Cheers, Dish.

The car on the Monash couldn't have been me, I've only owned the car for a month! Although it might've been the guys who did work to my car before I picked it up. There are a few around Melbourne, not that I've seen them myself! A mate spotted one in the western 'burbs, and there's another one in the showroom at City Automobiles which was transferred after their Coburg branch closed recently.

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