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Gidday - new(ish) clio cup 182 owner


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Hi all.


Finally made to to the forums on my mechanic, Paul Vs recommendation.


My names Kriss and i've been a french car fan for years - all marques are good by me :) have owned 2 renault 12s (one sedan one wagon), a renault 20, 2 different pug 205s, a 306 and a 405mi16.


finally bit the bullet and said goodbye to Penelope (my mi16s toungue-in-cheek name) last September and traded up to a silver 2005 182cup... haven't looked back...


only time i miss the pug is when i want to move 2 mountain bikes around (the pug boot was huge - could eat 2 bikes no worries)... i kinda miss that exhaust note too :(


anyhoo. hope to learn a thing from you all... like how to get a nicer exhaust note... and otherwise share in some renault banter...



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Welcome aboard Kriss


You'll find a surprising number of ex-R20 owners here! I think there are 2 or 3 others... (I am not in that illustrious group however).


Hope you get loads of miles and smiles from the wee beasty!

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Welcome!! Great to see another soul enlightened by Paul :)


If you're free on Sunday, you should come & join us for a drive in the a.m. Check the social section!



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Welcome to the forum!


You'll love the 182. I sometimes miss mine :( Even better is the ownership experience due to this forum.


Hope to spot you around at drive days.

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