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Why cant i cut or copy& paste?


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i also use the latest version of Internet explorer.


Ok im a self confessed computer dummy. so if someone can point out the process or required downloads etc to using firefox or anything more stable than this internet explorer crap im more than happy to give it a go.






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I'm using Firefox at the moment and use IE6 at home. Smilies won't work with either (by trying to click on them), but I can highlight text in Firefox, but not IE6 (only one or two characters seem to work?)


I was thinking it was my PC at home, but am glad to here other people have got the same issue. I first got the problem when I tried out IE8 Beta. Since reverting back to IE6 (due to IE8 sucking big time) the problem has stayed. :(

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Smilies not working are a code issue - the code behind the selection takes you to the top of the page instead of inserting the appropriate bits in the text box.


The selection issue I don't have an answer for...

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